31 July 2013

cut and paste

Going to a car show (which I'll post about later),
is a great way to get the fire burning on car projects.
After this weekend,
I made a shit-to-do (STD) list for the green 40,
and re-realized it was only a couple hundred bucks,
and a few weeks work from becoming a driver.
Ford AOD TV cable with 2100/2150 motorcraft carburetor

The STD list helped to prioritize which projects were dependent
on another being completed,
and then it was time to pick one that didn't cost money.
Ford AOD TV cable with 2100/2150 motorcraft carburetor

So can you tell the difference between these two top pictures?
Here goes...

One project I really wanted to do was an accelerator pedal/linkage.
Seems easy right?
Well since March I've gathered about 3 of these 2100 style carburetors,
and found that there are different types of gas levers.
I had already modified a carb and made up the TV cable bracket..
but I wasn't happy with the carb performance,
and the linkage attachment was really bulky.

Rework is a bummer as it seems like time's been wasted.
In this case the second time there were no surprises,
and the end result was quickly finished.
This carburetor was already tested so no rebuild needed.
Well worth the time to cut and paste.

What's going on here is modifying the carb linkage
to accept a stock Ford TV cable bushing.
world's shortest pencil

If you look closely at this bottom pic,
it's easy to see how the right carburetor linkage
is not as elaborate as the left carburetor linkage.
ford carburetor comparison

With the new ring welded on,
its easy to see how the custom TV cable bracket
is way out of alignment.
domino project

This was the part that created my mental block.
I really didn't want to redo this bracket,
but there was no going back now.
TV cable holder version 1.1

The bracket was cut up and rewelded.
Total for both mini-projects was about an 3 hours in 2 days.
Total time thinking about whether or not to do it - 4 months.
Note to self - don't think...just do...
operating table

Here you can see why the stock Ford/Lincoln TV cable is so sweet.
First off it has a nice bronze bushing,
and then there's the sliding adjustable connector.
It's a really simple bulletproof design,
no special tools or any tools at all needed to adjust it.
Only bummer is it is plastic at least it is black.
stock ford TV cable adjuster

So here's the finished product installed.
It is hard to see but the linkage is 5/8" closer to the center,
not riding right next to the valve cover.
The engine runs smooth and isn't as cluttered as before.
ford AOD TV cable with 2-barrel carburetor

This is the first time the engine ran with the electric pump on the whole time.
Usually I'd have to switch it on and off,
either a sticky float or needle on that other carburetor,
and yes I adjusted the float level at least 3 times!

Now I can move on to another free project,
the accelerator pedal and linkages!


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