10 September 2017

Klipsch Chorus + JBL L200 =

Lots has happened in the past couple months.
Before the dust settled,
it felt best to kick it up and whip out a quickee project.
Car, bike, amp, speaker...
Let's pick the least important on the list!
Years ago we scored some Klipsch Chorus speakers.
I tried to like them.
They had no bass.
Specs quoted 45 hz,
and cranking to get low notes
made the mids and highs too blaring.
I studied up,
and found that the drivers needed a bigger cabinet.
The lack of space choked the big 15" woofer.
It felt meant to be to find some pirated
JBL L200 cabinets,
a volume roughly 1200 cubic inches higher.
Sadly the JBL drivers were worth more in higher end models.
the same Chorus drivers are used in the bigger Cornwall box,
creating a much more balanced sound.
You're not a hot rodder if ya can't tear up
a perfect stock item and make it better.
The Chorus k-48-k woofer is a monster.
A commercial grade 15" woofer with a huge magnet,
that basically needed a bigger carburetor.
We mocked up the woofer in the cab
and noticed an immediate difference.
Time to cut and paste.
The change was so easy,
it seemed the engineers planned for a future swap.
They learned from the ford and chevy guys.
Side by side there was no going back.
The wife liked the slanted front,
and they breathed bass in the room.
It was tougher to cut up the JBL's,
but not really.
The 2-way L200's have a splintered following,
and are commonly modified with a tweeter,
and a 3-way crossover.
This makes them comparable to the L300 summit,
which are triple the going price,
although they'll never be real L300's.
Measure, cut, file, clean.
My wood handiwork was rushed and sloppy,
only you readers will ever know!
The JBL recipe was exactly the opposite of Klipsch.
JBL uses veneered sawdust wood-mdf,
and really high quality drivers.
Klipsch used real birch plywood,
and borderline sufficient drivers.
There's a huge cult following for both,
it's borderline ridiculous to read forum know it alls.
Funny enough the swap is usually the exact opposite,
JBL drivers in Klipsch boxes!
I rushed the project a few hours after work for about a week,
and wow it was so worth it.
The bass goes down easily to the mid-30hz range,
necessary for the grateful dead Phil bombs.
Next will be some grills
 and maybe those trippy lens shade covers,
and a front paint would be nice.
They sound so good it will be hard to take them apart again!

05 September 2017

PIR Rose Cup - Ed Charnock

Working at a Portland International Raceway
 has been very surreal.
Many tasks are menial,
interspersed with some "wow! I work here..." moments.
The Rose Cup race was held in July,
one of the big 3 summertime races.
That's when I get overtime to be a pion.
The V8 classes require us to be on emergency watch,
as they're more apt to crash.
Then we rush out and fix the tire bumpers
and make sure the track is safe and ready.
Two racers have died this year 
and many injured so it's a serious duty.
While watching the GASS race,
(Great American Stock Series),
one car/driver really stood out.
He'd take the last turn so hard,
his car would sporadically drift.
One of the older models in the open class,
typically dominated by the series owner, Chris Evans,
who has multiple cars and drivers
with a loaded pit operation.
Ed was getting 3rd with his home built 450hp,
against newer cars with 550-600hp.
Only a 0.8-1.3 second difference!
And surprisingly this was with no pit crew!
His wife helped as she could,
but Ed was the driver/mechanic/grunt,
definitely the underdog.
During my rounds I had to meet him,
just for him to know I was rootin for #6.
When I found out his operation was so bare bones,
and he wasn't a stuck up ass like some other drivers,
it was that much better.
If it was possible I'da helped crew!
Even offered to have Jaxon/Jakob help out 
if he returns to race.
Ed is a so-cal firefighter from Murrieta,
and purchased his bosses race car,
after progressing up from an S-10 class.
He actually won the 2016 western states championship
at Buttonwillow.
So whay happens to an underpowered racer 
that aims to beat faster cars?
He tried to pass on turn 12 in 3rd place,
which drivers don't usually do,
and does a massive spin out in the grass.
After that the car wasn't right,
and what do you do...
Hope he brings his car next year!!
Thanks Ed for the show...

01 September 2017

Weekend Update

What the...
We're still here!!
Got some stories to tell...
More soon!

19 July 2017

Memorial Day 2017 - 40 goes to PDX

So this happened back in May...
After the 6 month work probation ended,
it was time to figure out the big move.
I thought it best to start by driving
our 2nd iron baby up.
Now that I'm a union guy,
Memorial Day weekend was perfect,
as I could finagle an free paid vacation day in.
Who da thought I'd have vacation days
a year ago!
My plan was to fly down,
weld up a trailer hitch,
and haul up a small load of chit.
The 40 has a 5.0/t-5 and disc brakes,
just like many ford trucks.
The prep didn't go as planned.
We ended up changing the leaking corroded timing cover,
and some other mechanical wrap ups.
Best to get there then to get stranded.
It's always tough to leave the wife and kids.
Jaxon took the morning off school,
my mom was the photographer.
What a send off!
There also is an underlying tension
driving a 77 year old car 1000 miles.
Will the countless modifications maintain?
If it makes it the first 60 miles,
most likely it'll be good to go.
I left at 2pm just in time to get stuck in LA traffic.
At a stopped spot on the freeway,
a guy ran out and gave me a real Cuban cigar!
He said anyone driving that car...
LA ain't so bad!
The straight shot up the 5 went without a hitch.
I pushed it past Sacramento around midnight.
On the last few miles looking for a rest stop,
everything turned black.
No headlights and no street lights!
I babied it a couple miles to the next gas station.
Fortunately just a fuse.
A few hours of cramped sleep,
and the mountain pass was calling.
The perfect day,
jus enough clouds to keep it cool.
A 4000' summit pee stop,
allowing a few obligatory shots texted to the family.
The 40 ran great up and down the hills,
any worries were forgotten.
That's usually when something happens!
The main concern was running out of gas.
The gauge isn't calibrated,
so a few backup jugs were always full.
At a rest stop near Eugene,
a jug was needed.
I'd passed too many tourist gouging gas stops,
waiting for the neighborhood deal.

This was the spot to eat the day old carne asada burrito,
nothin like San Diego Mexican food.
Hopefully we'll find a PDX replacement.
We better for the amount that we eat!
The trip lasted about 27 hours,
not bad with a nap, 
sightseeing and choosing to drive
in LA and Porland traffic jams.

Power parked at the different track events,
lotsa people dig the car,
well both hot rods.
There's something about a driven ride.
Months later,
they finally found a home.
A 2 car garage is a rarity in these parts.
More later!

18 July 2017

Amelia Perich turns 101!!

Our Nana reached 101 years old 
over the weekend!!
There's been great times and hard times,
she keeps on charging through.
It's amazing!
I was bummed to be so far away during the festivities.
Checkout all her great-grandkids!
That's the best present ever...
xoxo Nana!!!

16 May 2017

Portland Tranny

Portland Tranny.
The not so perfect nickname for a spring car show. 
Months ago I'd met a guy named Carl
at the local flea market,
who was eyeballing the old hot rod.
He happened to have just bought
that blue roadster pickup model,
said "here take it".
Come to find out,
He's had dozens of old hot rods, drag cars etc.

Fast forward to last week,
and he hinted of a local car show,
down at Portland Tranny.
"Get there early it's over by 11,
hundreds of cool cars!!"
I researched it online,
which was about as surprising as you'd expect
if you were going to research "Portland Tranny".
WTF people these days...
Refined to Portland Transmission...car show.
Much better for my interests...
Saturday arrives.
I woke up "get to work" early,
but peering outside...
Rain, rain go away!
I'd rather play my tank game.
Yea this is my crutch,
or my weakness.
Hey I don't have a TV up here!!
No movies or tv shows in 6 months!
To me it's a super fun and challenging game,
driving a realistic slowish tank around,
shooting other real-time players doing the same thing.
Look it up,
it's a free game for iPads!
"World of Tanks Blitz"
The huge positive,
is it keeps me from drinking late at night.
I kinda suck at winning with a buzz,
and it's very statistic based.
By 930,
the rain wasn't letting up.
Gotta make or break here.
Driving in the rain is a blast,
with the proper gear.
That could be a nice jacket,
or a garbage bag with poncho holes in it.
You pick...
I passed a few hot rods that had left.
Uh oh...
Driving by the address,
the show wasn't as big as Carl had predicted,
and I passed right by the building.
It was close to 10 and raining steadily,
what'd I expect.
5 blocks away I thought F-it gotta double back.
The second run i spied the closed off side street,
and snuck up to an open spot,
on the edge of the main parking lot.

"Sneaking" late into a car show parking lot,
full of hot rodders quietly standing in the rain..
with an uncorked flathead exhaust...

Well that's like a dog squeezing out
a majestic steamy poop on a hot windless summer day.
Like flies...
A quick back story.
Remember the Portland Roadster Show article?
Well I had concurrently posted an Instagram shot,
of one of the coolest cars there,
along with a not so glowing caption,
about a 3rd brake light.

If the caption was a 34 watt light bulb.
it would have a sharp stream of water shooting at it,
and I'd be standing in the puddle underneath barefoot...

The problem with writing online chit,
is that puddle continues to grow.
The chances for doom increase.
Months later I had gotten caught,
and the owner gave up an explanation.
What was I to say.
At the show,
I had the chance to say something in person,
as the owner,  his son and car club (slo-poks)
were all there for my roasting.
But guess what?
We all ended up having a great time!
When I finally whipped out the camera-phone,
we were the last cars there!
Great meeting you Neil, Neil Jr, Mark, Mitch and others!