08 October 2015

Tomahawk Cruise Missile computer

A time before the digital age...
When engineers could figure out the failure rate
of Tomahawk Missiles with a cardboard slide rule...
...and 6 small pages of instructions!
In English!
Who needs all those newfangled computers!?
Not General Dynamics!
I'm sure this was just as accurate.
I'm sure there's a guy on the other side still using one of these...

07 October 2015

Shanker Jr.

With 3 kids in the family,
it's interesting to see how each 
has different interests.
Jake loves watching YouTube,
learning how to build stuff.
He knows most of my secret stashes in the garage.
He spent hours whittling this knife 
out of a scrap of aluminum.
Yea aluminum,
a good prototype.
The handle cut from a scrap of phenolic,
glued and riveted,
then filed and sanded down.
Damn cool for a 13 year old!
Way to go Jakob Perich!
He had the blade filed sharp,
easily slicing through lemons and limes.
We'll wait and see for his next version.
He's asking for a new belt for the sander and better files!

02 October 2015

Sharp's First Anniversary

An old Ventura friend bit the bullet last year,
and took over a local automotive repair shop,
Sharp's Auto Repair.
Big change becoming self employed,
as before Danny was the perfect pawn,
dressing in ties every day as a Lexus service manager,
driving 40 miles one way in traffic.
Now he's in a grease monkey uniform!
The location is interesting.
The end of the main road in Point Mugu,
surrounded by a surprising amount of open space.
Supposedly the original owner and his crew 
had some good times racing around the neighborhood.
After years of hearing stories about this place,
it was cool to meet the original Sharp (bill?)
at the Ventura Nationals,
the guy on the far right.
Why do mechanics like to wear white shirts?
Congratulations Danny!!

29 September 2015

2 for 2

Sad day for this racoon family...
One had a perfect tail.
The other was an old codger,
the hair was all mangled up.
Gotta look both ways...

20 September 2015

CAREG.com DMV registration scam

It's taken me years to figure out 
an easy way to save a couple bucks,
by paying car registration on time.
AAA made it quicker than the DMV,
but paying online is even faster.
I like the smaller registration cards they send out too,
cooler than the huge dot matrix printouts.
The iphone simplifies things even more,
especially on a Saturday evening.
I don't even have to go to the computer.
I googled DMV,
and clicked on a DMV website...
After clicking the registration tab,
the registration search had a new format.
Must be the mobile version.
After filling the license search form...
It was surprising to see a higher amount
then the renewal form in my hand!
What's this extra $34?
At first I got pissed.
Is CA so hard up they're charging online service fees?
$29 for a service fee,
$2 for a convenience fee,
$2-16 for shipping,
and $5 for an email!
I went to the computer and followed the same search pattern,
and realized my mistake.
I hit DMV.ORG/California,
the top hit on the google search,
which linked me to CAREG.COM,
who will happily take more money than your real renewal cost!
Granted it is an AD,
and there are warnings on the screen,
but who reads them!?
They must make a killing,
there's a dmv.org/everystate!!
Wonder how much that ad costs?
The real DMV.CA.GOV website set me at ease.
No wonder they're losing money,
they'll send me the registration for free!

17 September 2015

Let's go brickin'!

I couldn't help myself.
A quick peruse through craigslist,
and what do I see.
At the time this ad was posted for 21 minutes,
which means about 8 minutes visible.
We already have an excess of bricks at the house,
but 1104 bricks!!?!
That'd be our 2nd biggest haul.
Texts were returned,
and the deal was sealed,
however that's a daunting amount singlehanded,
the kids are in school now!
No child labor...
This time I'd have to sacrifice these 
for the good of the shop.
We could really use hard ground.
The shop guys didn't know what to expect.
I ordered them around like teenagers.
It was the perfect day for brickin'!
The important part is handling each brick
the least as possible,
which means stacking in 6's for an easy carry.
Basically there's a stacker and a loader or two.
We had the pad cleared in 2 hours!
Jason's truck held about 700,
he calculated 3300 pounds!
Tire bulging status.
The van held the remaining 404,
including some cool stepping stones.
We beat the downpour by 15 minutes.
Now to clear an area to lay these puppies!
Pave the world!

13 September 2015

1940 Ford Alley - chopped vs stock

Sad to say that every couple years 
the 40's come out for a photo-op,
which means one still isn't running,
and the kids and I push one up and down the alley.
This past year not much was done,
other than some paint and tire changes.
The green 40 drove so smooth up to Ventura,
Jaxon and I imagined chasing each other next year.
Which means I better get in my a$$.
And his a$$ thinking he's gonna chase or be chased.
Ok next year...