20 July 2013

scrappers united

I've always thought that "scrappers"
would be a cool name for a car or motorcycle club.
In my world,
hot rods are built with recycled parts and scrap cutoffs.
There'd always be that connotation to fighting though,
and I'm more of a hit in the neck - last resort type guy.
Not too much practice in long haul punch outs!
scrapper claw

What does this have to do with anything?
Well it was time to refill the Argon bottle,
and that meant a concerted effort to drive south.
The perfect time to make a quick trip to the scrapper.
Offsetting the bottle cost while cleaning the yard.
Jaxon & Jakob Perich

There was not much more than a couple flathead engine blocks.
They were cracked and no craigslister was interested.
Sad to see them turn into Chinese paraphernalia.
It will be nice to be able to finally open the side gate.
child labor

The boys powered it out and loaded the van.
This is how it should be.
Now I can keep my hands clean for more pictures.
PSI - pacific steel inc - national city

Boy were they in for a surprise.
Great for them to see the end of the cycle of life.
Next time we should visit a slaughterhouse.

This scrapyard is really efficient.
A train track runs right next to it,
and the goods are divided and loaded all day.
We all had fun watching the different machinery in use.

Check out this metal claw.
This would definitely be the logo for Scrappers CC/MC United.

The payoff wasn't that great.
Prices are half of what they were 5 years ago.
Nevertheless this offset almost half of the Argon bottle cost,
and it was a great field trip for the kids.

Put it on your "day with dad" bucket list!


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