17 July 2013

whole lotta nothin' about nothin'

There is not a more polarizing word in the world of hot rodders than patina.
Ok what am I saying that is not true.
The majority of hot rodders will pain themselves on endless minutiae.
The wrong tires and rim combo,
the incorrect choice of which antiquated suspension to use,
the acceptance of a 60 year old engine style vs an 80 year old engine style...
You name it there is always something.
It's great fun as long as you're on the right side,
which doesn't mean squat as whose to say but the loudest or the last.
1939 1940 ford chop top

So where were we.
Last week I had gooped up a heavy concoction of epoxy roller primer.
trying to coat the spots that were burnt from the windshield welding.
You may have guessed this was applied quickly right before sundown.
In addition to my batch being a little on the cold side,
the paint took its own sweet time to cure.
Continuing on with my lack of patience,
a coat of that epoxy fairing compound was slapped on,
resembling frosting on a kids birthday cake.
hot rod patina

There was no way to rush any sanding as the paper would immediately clog.
Typical payback to sloppy work.
No way to rush fixing it this time.
The consolation is the coating will be rock solid,
as slow curing epoxy is usually the strongest.
quarter window

After a long weekend baking in the sun,
a breezy evening caught me off guard,
always the best time to sand.
I had a couple hours before the kids swimming lessons.
Let's do this.
amercoat 235 layers

About an hour later and most of the top was smooth like never before.
If you've been keeping track,
there's 3 to 4 coats of primer covering up that oxidized sheetmetal.
It reminded me of my varnishing days way back when,
brushing - sanding - brushing - sanding - brushing to get the shiny coat.
Yeah for a while that wood finishing was my thing.

Now that it's freshly slicked up,
this is the time to get that color coat on it.
Dang it if I'm soft for that fake patina look.
But is this fake patina or is it really unfinished bodywork?
Whatever the label I really like the texture and depth.
smoothy dash

Here's a quick shot of the dash.
I had to cheat with the filler in a couple spots.
This will for sure get some paint on it.
aged patina

All this whining and complaining is kinda funny in a sense.
The middle section of the car looks like this.
To some it's patina and to others it's rust!
or is it just rust?

Thanks for hanging in for the read.
Again a whole lotta nothin' about nothin'...


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