21 July 2013

planets and comets

An event happened last week.
An occurrence most similar to a comet,
crossing paths with planets gravitating around an invisible sun.

In this case,
one of my oldest friends from way back in 3rd grade came into town.
A lucky guy that is in the beginning stretch of a trip around the world.
Something not even in my realm of imagination,
especially with the gravitational pull of a wife and kids!
gogol & pixies

Now based out of New Zealand,
it had been a couple years since his last visit.
Fortunately for him there are many old friends in the area,
as it was virtually impossible to pry me out of my comfort zone.
After all these years,
it was good to hear about recent festivities that rival our high school days.
are we there yet?

As  I get older,
living vicariously through friends and family is more real.
Instead of sleeping through a slide show dinner party,
or slogging through an intricate scrapbook,
we now can get daily or weekly online updates at our own convenience.
Hey that's what you guys get on here!
One of his concurrent missions is to document his travels.
It will be just like being there,
only without all the spilled beer and epic tales of woe.

sojourniac.com — Perspective from abroad—one sojourn at a time

A good read - he's got a knack for writing.

Before the sendoff to his next stop in Iceland,
he got a chance to pop his eardrums with a little hot rod cruise.
Nothing like open pipes and raspy exhaust to clear out the head.
Travis Perich, John Anderson, Lindsay Maw

To top it off,
another friend showed up to wave goodbye.
It's hard to believe that the three of us were in the same 3rd grade class.
From the looks of our uniforms we've all grown up huh!?

Anyway good times...


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