01 July 2013

row row row your boat

Here's a project from out of left field.
rowing skiff project

My Dad built this rowing skiff over 20 years ago.
Since then it's been in the water 2 times.
Every couple years I'll throw some time at the project,
but it's never gotten the attention it deserves.
With summer here I figured it's time to give it a shot.
D oarlock templates

I screwed up by ditching an old rowing shell,
which had the sliding seat, outriggers and oarlocks perfect for this skiff.
At least the oars were saved.
The problem is they are the D-sleeve type,
so the oarlocks have a harder to find square shape.
A neat "douglas" oarlock design was found online,

and a template was cut out to match the oar sleeve.


To keep any grinding and welding to a minimum,
some 3/8" stainless rod scrap was bent to match the template.
It surprised me that they actually ended up almost exactly the same shape.

The traditional pivot base diameter was 1/2",
which matched some stainless bolts.
A couple quick passes with the stick welder,
and they were good to go.
ripoff stainless douglas oarlock

Traditionally a pin holds the oarlocks to the base.
I'll keep the threads on there until a base is figured out.
If they can be semi-permanent to the (unmade) outriggers,
maybe a locknut will work.
oarlock fit

Here you can see how the sides of the oar are flat.
The oars are twisted 90 degrees every stroke.
It seems like there is an acceptable amount of slop.
They'll stay rough like this until I know they actually work!
custom work bench

Another nice thing about this design is the oars don't pop out.
These are probably too nice for the recreational use of the boat.
blackman rowing skiff

This was definitely the easier part of the project.
At least the outriggers can be mapped out.
The pivot point is about 12" away from the rail.
I've been studying some outrigger designs,
and it's hard to choose which style to go with.
Some fold and some are removeable.
One of those time vs materials cost things.
Still need to do some seats!

Anyway just a little summer distraction!


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