26 July 2013

green goop

Scrounging for materials finally backfired on me.
tres huevos - 1940 ford coupe

I had found some leftover epoxy paint,
in a mellow shade of green.
Perfect for what I needed.
My original idea was to add some blue tint to it,
but I didn't have the patience.
pro-line 4000 epoxy

Thinking that all epoxies are created equal,
I rolled a thin coat all over the prepped surfaces,
inside and out.

There's a mixing sequence to follow,
letting the batch sit for 15-30 minutes so the catalyst activates.
I even derailed my typical evening roll,
and applied it early in the day when the sun was out.
Everything seemed ok,
the paint thickened up and started to harden.

Well something happened and this stuff has taken over a week to cure!
That day the clouds had covered up the sun really early,
and the following days there was a thick rain cloud layer.
There was a point when I thought I'd have to scrub it off.
What a nasty job that would have been.
amercoat 235 epoxy

Finally there's been a couple days of sun,
and the epoxy has been able to bake in the heat.
It's much harder but far from sandable.
Not sure if it was really old or my mixing was sloppy.
In a way it's ok as I was able to steer away from the bodywork.
Still now I'll stick to the good stuff - amercoat 235.


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