23 October 2010

stool time III

just a rattling of floor level work...

so many uses...
oh yeah, bye!
It did look good going out.
Hmm, whats next.

19 October 2010

a.d.i.d.a.s. II & the sugarmomma coupe

I am planning on having a big party in my head in 4 days.
If all goes well,
this saturday this hunk of shit will leave the shop,
and the space will be free for an exciting new project.

What? How could a hemi-powered 30 coupe be a hunk of shit?
Just believe me, these links are a visual description.
This has been an ongoing project for close to 4 or 5 years,
and its not even mine.
Its been a 29 pickup, a 30 flathead coupe, and finally a 30 hemi coupe.
This coupe was a big lesson in learning to say no.
If any of you decide to try to do work for someone,
try not to blur the line between business and friendship.
Well blurring the line for a weekend or something is one thing,
but if you believe you are worth something try to not sell yourself short.
If you think you're a competent craftsman with decent skills,
and it takes a longer time for a pile of parts to be forced and coerced together,
than most likely thats how long its going to take anyone to do.
Getting reimbursed for this time is important,
as working in anger or frustration will make you crazy.
See how I am rambling?

On a lighter note,
my brother found this bitchin track suit that was the missing link to those shoes.
Holy shit.

If you see me wearing this,
than I -
a - won the lottery
b - am super high
c - playing poker with my newfound wealth
d - not going to be in the shop that day.

Have a great day!


18 October 2010


This post was fueled by a friend PHILLY SCOTT,
once SUBURB SCOTT but now PHILLY SCOTT. (pretty not good blog),
who stated now that the RPU is gonna be clean..
"you are probably going to start wearing some fancy pants soon, too"

Well Scott, maybe not some fancy pants but for sure some fancy shoes!
My wife is gracious enough to search out my shoe fetish-
hey your lying to yourself if you don't think you have one!

These newbies have been waiting for, dang a year already.

My current walking shoes are the good old ROD LAVERS - circa 1970.
One thing about plastic shoes is they suck if you are a welder or grinder,
they just burn up with every little chispa that falls to the floor.
If you make the mistake and wear your walkin shoes to the shop,
There comes a time when you just have to let the shoe go as it slows work down
if you're concerned about burning them up.
Geez I shouldn't even say this but I actually made cardboard protectors one day when I forgot my boots!
(Half the reason was to stop those little arc sparks from burning through my foot skin though)

These are Stan Smiths - circa 1972,
my Dad wore these when I was growing up
(blame him for the randomness of this post!)
They're so over the top white when new, spiffy is a good word,
and the first mark is always right in the middle of the toe part.
They age well and are comfortable for a 40 year design,
these are probably 6 years old and are my water shoes now.
For work these are a great compromise since they are leather.
The only drawback being the plastic shoelaces which melt easily,
and being white of all colors.
The benefit of aged white shoes is people give you change and stuff when you're walking around.

Well that's the fluff post of the day...


Oh yeah,
you win the prize if you know the elementary school acronym ADIDAS stands for!

16 October 2010

bike time II - the original china girl

The original china girl has to get the nod for the second bike time installment.
Its funny how a project can be the object of intense focus for a week or so,
than get relegated to the backyard,
acquiring a patina only the elements can give.

This thing started out as a bastard 1936ish shelby frame that I had failed to fix correctly.
Its hard to see but the whole bottom bracket/rear dropout is from a girls bike,
which had different tube angles.
Fortunately a friend - sophorn "sloppy" sin turned me on to those china girl bike engines,
and a perfect match was made, as the diagonal tube would need to be replaced anyway.
The time sucker was that dang tank.
It was one of those great ideas that had no end.
I'll know what to expect next time.
If you want to see other progress pics, check here-
There were lots of other little tricks that I had forgotten about until seeing those pics!

Even though I had other large projects to do, like the RPU,
sometimes its fun just to do something quick and dirty,
just to get that (not quite) immediate satisfaction that only a short-term project can do.
It also gave me the idea to build a real motorcycle, someday.

Unfortunately I busted the chain,
and am too lazy and cheap to go out and find one.
It's still a great cruiser to run to the store in at least...


15 October 2010

mush I - tanks and popcorn

You know when you work til 3 in the morning,
and you wake up feeling like you're sludging through quicksand,
your head and hands are like mush.
Well that happens a couple times a week,
its how I get things done.

So fortunately last week was out at fry's,
and found the perfect bargain bin movie for $5 -The Game.
Perfect for a slow morning like this.

(Stupid trailer but all I could find.)
I like long movies if the rides good,
and this one is entertaining enough.
The reason why I'm posting this though is there was a trippy coincidence,
the dudes birthday happens to be October 12th,
so the movie takes place right about this time of year.
Hey, this is what happens to me when my brains on standby!
Anyway if you have 2 hours to kill its worth a rental.

At least now Chief's tank has baffles...

and a trick non-clogging fuel outlet...

Bummer to lose the old stickers though,
but Luke aka pigpen aka watertower wizard said he has some teak,
which is code for something good, I think.
This is what baffles and fuel funnels are for.

Shot taken by the Luke, the Watertower Wizard a while back.
I think he should be a photographer. Really.
Anyway thanks for checkin in.


14 October 2010

ancient history II - red dot II

If you ever want to see a grown man cry,
or at least get a little sad,
than buy me a beer, actually a couple beers and a bottle of good tequila,
and bring up good old "red dot II"
1928 roadster with custom hallock windshield

a 6 year collection, a 5 month build, 4 months of fun, 3 years of wtf was i thinking!

this video was from the last real paso show.
We - cough cough...towed...cough cough - the thing up there,
(hey it was a thrash to get it that far!)
and on the last night of the last day actually got it running, right before putting it on the trailer!

It was a fun weekend.
My brother Trevor hogged Chief (the RPU) the whole way up and back...
Luke lobbed a strangers human poo onto his than girlfriend, Holly...
We actually had a room at the posh hotel across the street with a pool...
Good times.
Red Dot II - 1928 ford roadster with hallock windshield

Anyway, if you have some time to kill here's the down low on the ho ho.
coupe pictures by perichbrothers - Photobucket
(But you might spoil the surprise of future AH posts...)


13 October 2010

willy's roadster

Nothing draws in hotrodders like the smell of rattlecan...
I like this profile!


12 October 2010

bike time I - Rauler Hauler

As you'll find out I've got a little addiction to bicycles.
So what better place to have a little show and tell.
We'll start with one of my current favorites.

This bike is my collection of craigslist, ebay and bike swap parts that finally found a home.
This 70's italian RAULER frame had scared away buyers because of a frontend repair.
Someone hit a car or something as the steering tube had bent back,
so the seller had VELOCULT heat the other tubes back to make it straight.
Being a steel bike it's possible to do this,
maybe not a great idea with the columbus tubing but since I'm barely 140lbs, what the heck.

The drivetrain is badass.
Yeah 70's campagnolo was the chit to have,
but NOS 70's SUNTOUR CYCLONE stuff blows it away, especially up hills -
this bike proves it!
SUNTOUR had the patent for the superior slant-parallelogram rear derailleur,
but they blew it on there marketing plan.
Their history is interesting, look it up its brief.
Some super smooth Suntour Superbe pedals top off an early Sugino campy copy crankset on a shimano BB.
The crankset was my first venture into DRILLIUM, and actually came off a bike my grandfather (papa) found.
This all drives a super smooth PHIL hub/suntour 13-26 freewheel/open4cd mavic rim with lots of brake wear.
The rear rim was a steal at the velodrome bike swap,
I think it was $25 with a tire and the bitchin early campy quick release.
The cheapy 35c tires are too big as they rub a little,
but they're so smooth and cush, especially at night.
Some cool BB "spade" cutouts too.
The Rauler brothers were contracted by COLNAGO to build their frames,
who used "clubs" for their cutouts.
Here you can see how I blended in the damaged paint,
that blue is a tough color to find in a rattlecan - good enough!
The Suntour shifters came with the derailleurs,
but they're not as classy as these campy versions.
The shiny chrome fork and the early campy headset came with the frame!
Since I decided to use HIPSTER bars instead of drop bars,
a mountain bike/BMX brake lever was needed.
This fishbone SKULL lever also came with the frame deal. thanks jeff!
If anyone has a right side - I need one!
until than, there's only a front campy brake :/
The front wheel is awesome, another CL find.
I think it is a campagnolo chorus hub, with a Ritchey Vantage rim, campy quick release.
It was a training wheel for a guy who did triathlons,
and he gave me that bitchin KOOBI Silver seat thats on this bike too,
very comfortable even though it looks like it would chop yer balls off.
There is a barrier with collectible road bikes,
enjoyment is reduced when one gets overly protective with its use, transport and storage.
As a respectable compilation of random almost period parts,
this bike is tops as it wants to be pushed, to show what its capable of,
and not worry about some knicks and chips.

Anyway, you made it this far - thanks for hanging in there!
If you like looking at old road bikes, check this out...
some interesting stuff.

Until next time...


10 October 2010

10-10-10 10:10:10

10:10:10 on 10-10-10
only happens once every 100 years.
(well twice if you count am/pm)

We're just gonna kick back and watch a movie to celebrate!


08 October 2010

craigslist hunter - beemer

So a couple weeks ago we upgraded phones.
They make it cheaper to get the fancy phones than to get the normal phones.
Now its too easy to get online,
don't even have to get out of bed to hunt craigslist.

So this thing came up over the past weekend.
It had only been posted for 20 minutes before I texted him,
guy (vincent) actually put his phone # on there.

It was too cheap and nearby to not check out,
and it was too nice for the price,
especially for a '68 which is the earlier round tailight style.
Its a solid body with alot of minor issues.
It even has the larger 2000cc engine. (its actually a 1602 body)
Although it looks like a tweeker car,
it was actually a kids car, which is almost the same,
just a kid will buy stuff just not know how to put it on right!

The plan is to fix it up a little and make it a reliable driver for the wife,
as her new job is only 2 miles away.
Hopefully I can have a some fun with it in the meantime!


05 October 2010

stool time II

Have I told you about the stool?

This stool means business.
one day - 2 guys - 3 projects
Stool gets around!


04 October 2010

chief - sneak peak

Slowly but surely.
Have some other responsibilities unfortunately but soon, soon.


02 October 2010

stink's toy

My brother gets us some fun jobs sometimes.

Pretty cool what can be done with some pipe, a bender and a welder.

Way better than the original.
Thought it was good enough to throw this on it!
Fun stuff.