16 July 2013

pond life

pond life

Some folks are lucky enough to maintain an outdoor pond.
The ecosystem is thriving when it will support plants and animals
normally off the grid.
Besides thirsty bees,  this little koi pond had the coolest red dragonfly,
zipping around like it owned the place.
blurry red dragonfly

Well wouldn't you know it,
but later that day look what arrived.
Our own indoor pond.
aquarium setup

Our good friend Sloppy decided to relinquish his aquarium,
and now the kids get to watch their own little slice of pond life.
Like a mad scientist,
he gave us the crash course in aquarium upkeep.
Definite science experiment there are so many chemicals and solutions.

After some setup trials and tribulations,
the aquarium was down a few more fish than planned.
zip tie

Good thing we've got a variety of zip ties.
We were lucky to have professional installation!

By nightfall the kids expected the tank to remain like a pond,
like it would in nature.
However like magic the next morning the water was crystal clear.

Now the kids have another fun hobby to get them through summer.
Looks like we'll be regulars at pet kingdom now.
Thanks Sloppy and Lily!


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