30 July 2013

red carpet

Our landlord has silently allowed us to transform the backyard
into an ever changing useable space.
He called us out,
as he knows its a "I don't hear from you, you don't hear from me"
type relationship.
Best way to keep the rent down!

The spot beside the garage had became the perfect car port.
This had been suggested before we signed the lease.
The RPU is the perfect size to jet in and out of the tight turn.
Since it's not driven every day,
the tires had a tendency to sink into the dead grass.
Scrap wood was used as pads to keep the tires clean...until...
brick chippers

Our new neighbors started tearing up their backyard.
Their little piece of heaven requires swaths of green grass,
and Home Depot style landscaping.
Piles of bricks and rocks were ditched in the alley.
perich brothers & sister

Just what we needed to get rid of that funky wood.
Originally I had imagined some 2x12 wood strips,
like an old ghost town deck.
Way too cheap to do that!
After the kids chipped off any cement residue,
there were enough whole bricks for the four pads.
tip toe

The bricks were simply set on top of the grass,
and it was a pain in the butt to park.
Line up the tires and rock the hot rod onto the pads.
Since there were only a handful of full bricks,
I wanted to make sure the spot was in the right place
before digging them flush.
Of course that lasted almost a month.
chief - 1929 ford roadster pickup

Then over the weekend,
the mother lode appeared next door.
Too good to be true!
He was more than happy for the kids to clean up his area.
How could he not see the possibilities?
the mother load

Jakob christened the wagon "Danny".
To take a load off Danny - get it?!
Annie, Fannie, Manny, Danny it's all the same right!
Funny kid.
Again the boys used chipping hammers to chip any cement off.
Nothing like child labor!
Jaxon & Jakob - 2013

Meanwhile I scraped the mulch layer down to the hardpack,
and lined up a nice red carpet of bricks.
Looks like I need a tan!
farmer tan

The kids really powered through the chipping without complaints.
This took way longer than we thought,
and squashed out our plan to go kayaking.
We had exactly the right amount of full bricks minus one.
A couple half bricks were traded out from the planters box.
team black socks - stool time

Wow what a difference.
Now to clean up the rest of the yard!
red carpet

You'd a thought I'd zip back and forth testing out the launch pad.
We had laid the bricks without starting the engine.
As soon as we finished we got distracted with another project!
chief - 1929 ford roadster pickup

Looking at these pictures,
we could have made a little pathway out to the alley instead.
Ah well priorities!


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