27 June 2010

war finish & widowmaker

Some of you will know what this stuff is from.
Of all my personal projects this is the one I should be focusing on.
(but as you will see I'm easily distracted)
After a couple weeks of rough polishing and silver brazing,
I dropped this pile off at the nickel-plater.
Of course he said 2-3 weeks but its been over a month,
since i'm not ready for it anyway its a good exercise in patience,
both in the wait and in not getting into other random projects.

So why did I get this...
If you're a craigslist addict than you know its all about the deal, the hunt.
For the price I was expecting a crashed bike,
I was hoping for a wreck to walk away from.
It was so cherry with so many extras I had to load it up.
It's an 80's Godden frame with a Weslake engine, the sh*t back then.
The kids and I had a fun time, now they know why we don't live in escondido-hot!


20 June 2010

got to start sometime...

I've been thinking about starting one of these things for years,
but finally decided to stop procrastinating and get on with it.

So to start here's a visual description of the title...

Best reason to celebrate fathers day.
Back soon.