03 July 2013

barber chop

Jakob was tired of being mistaken as a girl,
even when wearing his hat.
Now it was his turn under the knife.
jakob perich - 2013

This time it was the wife's turn to show her chops.
Guess he didn't trust my hack job on Jaxon.
pony tails

She's got much better technique than I do.

Both at cutting hair and taking videos.

The rough cut actually had a cool hipster look.
Couldn't stop there.
rockstar jakob

He had an idea for a faux hawk...
wife in action

...but he ended up with "japanese schoolboy"!
jakob's schoolboy haircut

We let this go for a couple days,
to see how his hair would settle.
He bugged the heck out of me for days to cut it,
and I finally got the nerve to get out the buzzer.
jakob perich - 2013 summer

If anyone needs a hipster haircut,
give me a shout and I'll fly out.
Always on call!


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