19 July 2018

Klunker nope Bomber #33

Let's welcome the new two wheeled addition
to the Perich quiver.
Yes Houston we have a problem...
These things multiply like rabbits!

It all started with a chance Ebay score.
Okay it wasn't really by chance.
With the rainy season dwindling early,
it's possible to explore the local paths.
With two older kids,
we don't need to be fighting over rides!
What a great excuse...
So I hunted and scrounged,
scoring this bitchin 1936 Schwinn C model frame,
80's gold wheels and a truss fork.
Of course a budget frame will have issues...
The rear axle dropouts were seriously splayed out.
Good thing I know a welder!
This is quality 80 year old metal,
TIG rod beefed up the deadened space.
The worst were the fender crosspieces,
mangled by over tightening fasteners through the years.
The tubular steel was replaced with stronger solid rod,
sourced from a couple of long bolts.
A little heat and coercion,
the curves were matched better than original.
Most important was filing and sanding
the leftover braze,
allowing a clean weld.
Lotsa splatter and holes if you don't.
Since fenders aren't in the future,
no holes were drilled yet.
There's a possibility for BMX style brakes,
then the overbuild will be needed.
A couple seat posts welder from some shop scrap,
ready to roll...
But let's throw some paint on there first.
We went hog wild with the patina.

And beyond hog wild on the badge.
Can't ride it without an overpriced one of those...
Fortunately there are cheap-ish badges around,
even if you go Gucci with an Excelsior or Ace.
Beaters shine up sweet with some paint and time.
The gold BMX wheels needed hand brakes.
Decisions of drums, cantilevers, welding pivots...
Too much thinking.
For now a set of coaster brake rims will do,
changing the klunker build to a bomber.
Back in the 70's,
klunkers had gears and hand brakes,
bombers used more simple foot brakes.
The aluminum cranks and wheels make this super light,
resulting in a quick and fun ride.
The old road bike Brooks saddle is softer than it looks!