02 July 2013

not mellow yellow

Here's a tip of the month.
beer box + USPS = bad

I got rid of some junk on ebay,
conveniently wrapping it in a nice PACIFICO beer box.
There is a shipping program online that makes it easy to pay and print,
which means no standing in line to pay,
just drop it off and go.

If you've stood in line before,
they'll ask "anything hazardous or fragile...lithium batteries..."
Never have they questioned the box labeling,
and I've used shoe boxes, fan boxes, car parts boxes...
inside out

A day after dropping off this box,
it reappeared on our porch.
I almost wondered if I had bought something I didn't remember!
Maybe they thought there were glass bottles of beer inside.
The box was too perfect a size to waste,
so I cut it up and taped it inside out.
Overkilled on the tape,
fortunately it was only going to LA.

Anyway - don't ship anything USPS in beer boxes!


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