30 April 2018

Toro 580D - pushing the limits

After a brief hiatus,
looks like I can finally write again!

The mowing season is starting.
Night temps are in the 40's,
so grass is growing,
however the ground is a bit wet.

Mowing is like mud bogging and off-roading.
This Toro 580D is a 4wd unit,
with monster front tires,
one of the few capable machines for this.

This bank runs alongside the entrance.
It's got a good slope,
which the mower travels on sideways.
I tried to cut to the top,
but the 5000 lb mower didn't like it.
The grass was tall enough to bog the engine,
then with both wings down,
the left tire started digging in.
Holey Chit!!
Not good to be stuck up there!

Lifting the left wing gave some traction,
but turned the body slightly up the hill.
Not a good feeling!
On a bank you're not sposta go in reverse,
but there weren't too many options.
Backing up straightened the machine out,
but the 4wd only plowed forward a little bit,
until the tires lost their grip,
and the back end started sliding down the hill!
Holey Double Chit!!

It was like slow motion.
Somehow I balanced the wings,
and maneuvered down the slope.
It was crazy but fun.
No soiling of the pants!

I checked the machine,
then continued on like nothing happened...
The dirt scar will be there for a while!
So far I've been stuck 3x this year,
bringing my grand total to 12,
which means a couple dozen close calls.
Now I should know not get too close to downhill fences,
and I should know when there's a mud bog.
The problem is trying to get that last tuft of tall grass.
It's like the bait of a quicksand trap.
Fortunately getting winched out is part of the job!
This one was technically in December,
in a spot on the border of our responsibility line.

I was going round and round,
closer to this sharp incline,
and got too cocky.
I thought "speed" or momentum would get me through,
but all it did was jack the front wheels above the dirt.

Good times!!