28 March 2013

budget street rod TV cable

Sometimes the worst mornings bring out the best results.
Yesterday the wife and I got in a little spat,
and it gave me just enough focus to knock out one of the trickier projects.
In a way building is a great form of therapy!

ford 289/302/5.0 SBF

The AOD transmission uses a TV or throttle valve cable
to sync with the engine.
Most street rodders buy an aftermarket Lokar kit to solve this problem,
and while it works,
it reminds me of the cheesy bike parts.
You could guess that this is the route I wouldn't take.
ford TV cable

The stock Ford or Lincoln unit is a really cool design.
There is a little adjustment box,
and it really makes for an idiot proof assembly.
The biggest drawback is it's plastic.
Fortunately I had kept most of the important pieces.
These cables used cost more than a Lokar kit!
Lincoln TV cable

Last weekend the carb was modified to fit the bushing,
and the big question was how to hold the cable housing.
The best answer was with some scissors and cardboard.
scrap + templates

Spending time making good templates saves time remaking parts.
I was hoping to get this right the first try!
steel whittler

The bracket needs to be sturdy and exact.
a two piece welded design seemed more precise
than bending a one piece design.
AOD TV cable housing bracket

The bracket was mocked up a couple times and it fit perfect.
Even though not many people will use a 2-barrel 2100 carburetor
and stock cast iron intake manifold,
I figured it would be good to make a hard template.
There are similar mounting holes on aftermarket 4-barrel intakes,
so I can modify the base to fit those as well.
prototype template

After the standard rattlecan black,
the bracket was installed and the TV cable adjusted.
I was hoping it would blend in and it did just that.
The 3 little holes can be used for throttle return springs.
Ford AOD TV cable to carburetor

I thought about making a gusset to stiffen the bracket up,
but it doesn't flex at all.

Our old Lincoln Town Car used this same cable,
and I must have removed the intake 2 or 3 times,
doing the factory style tension adjustment method.
Of course it was a low performance car,
so I may do the pressure gauge check to get it dialed in a bit better.

anti-street rod ford 302 - 1940 ford coupe

Little by little the engine is more complete.
I've got a small pile of parts on order to help finish it up,
but it's way more fun to actually make something.



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    1. Thanks for reading!!
      Hope ya learned something...