08 July 2013

bay park ford barn

Paid a visit to the Bay Park Ford Barn over the weekend.
A friend Mario had a little welding to do on a stalled project,
so the truck could finally be moved to his place out east.
barn find

I tried to be fashionably late,
letting the ex-high school football players finish the heavy lifting.
Meanwhile I could hardwire the welder straight to 220.
220v wiring

The brackets were some chintzy mail-order 4-link,
good enough to serve their purpose.
The reminder of why I like to cut my own out.
temporary wire clamp

The install was fairly straight forward,
the sloped dirt floor and cold beer giving us a little handicap.
Good thing I've got alot of practice in these conditions!
4-bar set up - in and out

Install tip -
There is an engineered slop in this design.
After centering and rotating the rearend in place,
the brackets were connected for positioning.
First jammed as far outboard and marked
then jammed as far inboard and marked.
The magic spot would be the center of the inboard and outboard marks.
Get it?
After some sweat equity it all worked out.
The little stick welder burned fat beads all around.
beer thirty

Now the guys could get off beer duty and back to work.
I missed the shot of them lifting the truck off the jack stands,
with a couple reps in between.
Funny shit but I'm built like a stick man so what do I know!

Airbags are planned for a high and low drop.
Looking at the pics if we had another couple hours
we could have finished up the other brackets too.
Oh well it's not too far,
just takes forever to get enough people together to work and have fun.
Mario's Dad was so stoked to see this finally on wheels.
chief to the rescue

Looks like I need an "on-site welding" sign painted on chief!


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