27 July 2013


What just happened?
Next thing I know we have a kid
that is big enough to wear my shirts,
and also fit my mountain bike?
Jaxon Perich - 2013 - balboa park

At the last minute,
Jaxon and I decided to do the Critical Mass bike ride.
We've missed the passed couple months for various reasons.
Of course he had to borrow a bright shirt,
and also a more efficient bicycle then his stingray!
bike time

The other mountain bike had a worn out tire,
and it wasn't worth the risk of a blowout.
So we took the Breezer and the Rauler.
I really need to get a rear brake for that thing!
Balboa Fountain - critical mass

After a quick pit stop to visit Cho-ip and family,
we were left with a tight time schedule.
Surprisingly we made it to Balboa Park just before the start.
It's hard to see but there are people on top of that building.
San Diego Critical Mass July 2013

The summer rides have a bunch more people,
many on one-speed cruisers,
and are much more slow paced then in the winter.

perich son and dad

Even then it's a good workout and alot of fun.
Next time we'll get Jakob and the wife out...


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