23 July 2013

latch key apple tree

What is it they say about the apple not far from the tree?
It looks like Jaxon's got my knack for picture taking.
jaxon's bike - san diego river

It all started with a really tough parental decision.
He wanted to go for a bike ride up to Pacific Beach,
about 7 miles away.
Dang it.
At his age I was all over the place on my bike.
Sure we were latch key kids,
but it was a different time.
It's one thing if the parents know and another if they don't!
jaxon's bike - san diego river

Reluctantly I let him go,
with the promise if anything happened to him,
he'd be in some huge trouble.
Big time.
Just so you know,
we both got into huge trouble when the wife came home!

Unlike most kids his age,
he still doesn't have a cellphone.
Yeah we're ruthless although it's more me than my wife.
I let him take mine for this trip,
and told him to make sure to take some pictures to document his new freedom.

**How long has it been since you were away from your cell phone for 3 hours?**
jaxon's bike - mission beach boardwalk

After a successful and life changing ride,
what do we get?
A bunch of pictures of his bike,
along with different patches of sidewalk.
Thanks alot Jaxon!
Great shots.
So you know these are the best 3 out of 6.

What can I say.
90% of my pictures are the same way.


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