19 July 2013

TJ ramblings

The wife and I were sitting in our TJ taxi,
on the way to her monthly Dentista visit.
Far up on the street corner,
I spied a kid cruising a stingray,
complete with a slick rear tire.
heart tree

We caught up to him and the wife got the shot.
Guess it wasn't a kid!
I've got this guy all figured out.
Probably a student who lives cheap on the TJ side.
Instead of getting stuck for hours in the border lines driving,
he parks on the US side and does the quick walk across.
Double Double cheap cheap.
The little stingray fits perfectly into his little car.
Or maybe he's one of those cheese smugglers,
that crosses the border carrying liquid meth in the tubes of his frame,
along with homemade cheese and cartel notes.
Hmm you never know.
happy street

On the way back the line was hot and not too long.
The sugar shack had the treats to make your hands all sticky,
while your stuck in line for half an hour.

Is it worth crossing over every month?
Sure it is.
I'll post up some progress pics of the wife's braces.
It's hard to remember how crooked they were only a year ago.
For $50 a month plus the $12 in taxi it's a great deal,
and a round trip from our house is 2.5 to 3.5 hrs depending on traffic.

Of course we topped it off with a bottle run.
All this stuff for less than $28!

Well that's it over here have a good day!



  1. so you've been growing a little beard and letting that hair grow. Don't lie to us travis....

  2. Dude that's going to be Jaxon in 3 or 4 years!