07 July 2013

straw belly buster

Out in california strawberries are almost a giveaway at $1-2 a box.
I'm not a big fruit eater,
and usually a sad portion of the bunch will go bad.

A few weeks ago something happened.
My Mom dropped off the makings for strawberry shortcake.
It wasn't a staple growing up but it was around,
and I wasn't a huge fan.
Not sure why.
I still pick out the fruit chunks in yogurt.
strawberries sugar & cinnamon

Well it sucks to see food go to waste,
so the strawberries were sliced,
and a little sugar and cinnamon added to juice it up.

To make it easy most stores sell the shortcake ready to go.
Add a little ice cream and ...
quick strawberry shortcake yum

Holey Chit now I'm addicted.
It's like all those years I missed out now catching up.
Can't beat it cause everything is less than $9,
and it'll give at least 2 nights of dessert.
Also if the strawberries are prepared they don't go bad.
perich brothers

Funny to watch the kids eat it.
Jakob eats it so each bite is carefully mixed.
Jaxon scoops up all the fruit, then cake then ice cream.
It's like a science experiment.

On top of that it's usually eaten right before bed,
so now I've got a belly.
Awesome getting older.


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