31 January 2016

stay tuned...

Definitely slow on the updates this month,
not that there's a lack of stuff to show
and write about.
Don't worry,
nothing bad happened.
Just each project lately 
has been either exhausting 
or time consuming.
February will be PB&S overload!
So yeah,
stay tuned...
I'll get back on the ball soon!

06 January 2016

Rock Tower competition

We got a big ole pile of rocks 
during one of our brick scores.
For a month they were in disarray,
strewn haphazardly in the front yard.
Over the weekend we found they're purpose,
creating an intense build competition.
Needless to say it was a bit heated.
As you can see from the picture,
mine is the tallest! 
Ok it was for a moment...
Now it's a race 
to see if they last through the storms...

05 January 2016

building a shop system - vmps + kenwood

I've written about this before,
as sometimes it seems things 
want to gravitate together.
Maybe that's the optimistic view,
as the actual story can sound tragic,
or even pathetic!
I'd been using a beater set of Klipsch Fortes
to pump sound in the shop.
For a relatively small speaker,
the sound was amazing.
Deep bass made the parts rattle.
These are the same speakers we blasted
In the Grateful Dead lot in the summer.
Now they don't look as small!
We had a generator 
with the kenwood kr-7600 hooked up.
Did I write about this yet?
The speaks held up for the two day event,
it was borderline crazy,
attracting deadheads far and wide.
Gotta teach the kids controlled mayhem!
After the shows the system 
was relegated to shop duty.
Right before xmas I got into a bind,
not gettin reimbursed for work.
Thanks a lot James...
Time for a fire sale!
Tommy T (grey shirt) scooped up the speakers.
Cue sad music...
I actually cleaned house.
Two receivers,
four awesome speakers :(
and a bunch of miscellany for future posts.
Well fortunately that stuffs not cheap,
and a fraction was stashed 
for at least a replacement shop setup.
The Polk monitor 12's looked worthy,
and so did these Klipsch KLF-10's.
Got them both down to semi-affordable,
and the Klipsch guy bailed.
Then these Cerwin Vegas e-315's popped up,
more in my budget,
but had weathered woofers.
Cool but I wanted immediate satisfaction.
Then the Holey Chit of awesomeness.
The ad was terribly written,
not even the proper brand or model.
Only stating he had "blasted the Nuge"
for a New Years Eve party.
A quick online research frenzy
found they were VMPS Super Tower/r's,
designed by a deceased Brian Cheney,
and held in high regard,
even though they had that garage built finish.
On site these sounded horrible,
and the guy was seriously blasting them.
He had them hooked up to bass only
In the bi-amp path!
A little switcheroo,
and a deal was made for about 1$/LB.
Lucky me,
people don't have space 
or desire for big speakers!
That white woofer is 15"!
They really are monsters.
There's a slot on the bottom,
hiding a big passive woofer.
These would take some serious power,
the 85 wpc kr-7600 would struggle.
So out came another secret 
I had stashed...
A month ago this was procured...
Super friggin awesome.
This 1974 Kenwood KR-9400 is a landmark,
arguably the first 120 wpc receiver made,
bringing on the monster receiver wars of the 70's.
Needless to say we made a deal!
Now a reason for it's existence.
This was over an inch wider than the 7600!
In a testament to the efficient Klipsch Fortes,
the VMPS's needed the extra power
to keep up the same db's,
but they sound great!
Even the cheesy looking tweeters 
sound crispy enough.
Wonder if there's a way to modify?
Anyway I'll admit the fun is in the hunt.
We've got a shop system 
that was the same price as the fortes,
and I know Tommy will dig them.
And the wife's happier,
as the house isn't as cluttered!
Gotta be optimistic!

04 January 2016

Shop Life 7 - winter break

Winter break.
Kids off...
2 weeks to get a ton of shop work in!
It sounded like a plan!
Then we all succumbed to the cold season.
Coughing and hacking...
Who brought this to our family!?
Well a little spittin and fevers won't stop us!
At least for one day.
Before Christmas,
we got double the amount of bricks layed.
Amazing how a free next day is an incentive.
Jaxon had a Knotts Berry Farm date,
and Jake wanted to go to the skatepark.
They deserved it!
The rest if the vacation flew by.
Admittedly I was a bit burnt out on the shop,
I'll write about that later.
I did weld up some custom tent hold downs,
scrounged from a brick score.
So yeah not much shop thrashing,
but I'm ready for 2016!
Happy New Year!!
TP and family