24 April 2012

one big rock

I'll admit that after the thrash of the Chocolate & Cheese roadster,
my project focus has been a little blurred.
There have been a few mini-projects since I guess,
it just doesn't feel like much has gotten done.
Maybe cause I'm juggling too many balls instead of pushing one big rock.

Well remember Spinner who helped do some fab/weld work?
He had the same withdrawals as well,
but was able to channel it into,
well one big rock.

spinner's clean suzuki

I've shown his bike before,
however it was naked.

perich brothers (and sister): spinner

spinners dirty suzuki

Using the "rainy" weather as an excuse,
he tore up his daily driver and glopped on a series of paint.

Yeah it's hard to see cause my pictures suck,
but basically he rubbed out the whole thing,
except for the engine!

tank patina

I'm a sucker for the patina look,
whether it's real time or accelerated.

fender patina

Maybe cause it's a good way to not get caught up in perfect bodywork!

Well Spinner did smooth the bike out,
obvious from the clear paint.

spinner's suzuki 550

The only drawback of having shiny paint,
it's not as much fun to ride,
knowing it will get dirty or chipped.
Can't win for losin!


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