29 April 2012

floored part II

Christened some new gloves after burning my hands a couple too many times.
The old ones were like a second skin and I'll still use them for TIG work.

They were the type with the nylon tops - not made for the MIG anyway.

bull chit

These Tillman's are actually shorty driving gloves,
somehow I ended up with a few pair that I need to burn through.
They take a while to break in but they last a long time.

Yeah I know some of you are too tough to use gloves.
I've got a side job washing dishes and cuts and burns slow me down.
40 coupe floor

Not that you guys give a rat's ass about my outerwear.
It's a slow sunday morning and I'm in a chatty mood.

Last time I left the tunnel and one diagonal piece was fitted.
Since than I got the other side diagonal,
and some tubing reinforcement along the bottom,
similar to the first panel frame on top.

It's actually tubing cut in half.
This doubles the length I can get out of a piece,
cuts the weight in half,
and is just as stiff.
Also water/dirt won't get trapped inside.
Good excuses for being cheap!


My old buddy Mike turned me onto this metal shop up in his hood.
They had this 1x1 16 gauge angle that I couldn't say no too.
This helped ease the transition from the tunnel to the floor.


Instead of needing to make perfect measurements and bends,
the floor panel could simply overlap the new angle.
I'm at the point where I can handle a bit of imperfection and speed.
Yeah I'm a hack sometimes.

battery location

The green 40 has the battery placed behind the seat.
It isn't as convenient but I like the weight placement near the rear.

battery box

Yesterday I was able to whip out a battery box and that was about it.
Hopefully tonight I'll get a couple hours in.

After a month or so of stumbling around unfocused,
it's a relief to want to go to the shop every spare moment!


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