30 April 2012

end of an era

Last week Pigpen and Sloppy came down to pick up the T-bucket.

pigpen's t-bucket

Now that he's been growing roots up in hosetown(SJ) for a year now,
it was about time!
pigpen & sloppy

Luke/Pigpen had the brilliant idea of taking it all apart,
therefore utilizing a smaller trailer.
Hopefully it will be put together before he knocks his girlfriend up!


Grateful Dead - lovelight - april 17, 1971

The Dead had a monster east coast tour in april of 1971.
Pigpen (ron mckernan)  absolutely rocked those shows
with his 20+ minute good lovin's and love light's.

Grateful Dead Live at Dillon Gym - Princeton University on 1971-04-17 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

This particular version was/is a staple on the old Imac at the shop.
Try to stick around after the 7:30 mark.
The ultimate concert hook-up - if you click you click!

Check out more april '71 shows here...

Internet Archive Search: april 1971 grateful dead


Luke/Pigpen was in a bit of a rush to get his long drive on,
but a banana pancake breakfast slowed him down.
Than somehow the kids suckered Sloppy and Pig into a game of Butt's Up.

butt's up - better run

The kids are killers at this game - ruthless.

pigpen's butt's up

Yeah than Luke had his revenge...

Pigpen's Revenge

And yeah I got my butt up too.

TP's butt's up

It was a fun time.
So fun that we played long enough for the truck's battery to die.
Hey I didn't know he was parked in the middle of our street!

end of an era!



  1. roller grill temporarily out of order!

  2. Now who doesn't believe in sticker destiny!