07 April 2012

car jamming

Hans is flying in from Norway to pick up his car on Sunday
for the drive to Texas.
Better start cranking on this old heap!
Good thing I had the day off.

1950 chevy

The main goal is to get it driveable,
which it isn't.
The car looks really cool low like this,
but as I stated before it's freaky bouncy.
Let's just say this isn't a date car,
the girl would have a bruised up face from her own knockers!

bottomed out suspension

I don't think the engineers designed the frame to lay on the A-arms.
Among the slew of boxes sent to the house were a set of front springs,
along with a repop manual to help guide things along.

removing front springs 50's chevy

It was nice having the instructions as it eliminated any thinking!
The lower A-arm was dropped from the inside,
and the beat up old spring rolled out and disintegrated when it touched the ground.

torched and cut spring

There's a point when the spring basically gives up.
The other side was even worse.

almost equal

Maybe they were compensating for a really heavy driver with no passenger!
"how to NOT lower your car!"

1950 chevrolet 2-door

The new springs and shocks raised the front end considerably.
Maybe they will settle over time,
WOW did it make a difference in driveability.
Instead of bouncing and shaking at every bump in the road,
the car floats like the cushy sedan it was meant to be.


The Clash - Car Jamming

This was one of my first tapes.
I used to listen to this with my walkman walking to school,
way back in 7th or 8th grade.
Part of me thinks that Joe Strummer's death was fishy.
First he's a marathoner and than he dies of a heart problem?
Yeah conspiracy theories!
May be one of their more commercial albums,
but what a way to put out some crazy lyrics!


1970's chevy 6

Someone had thrown a newer chevy 250 in it,
and never hooked up any gauges.
These old gas burners are solid and don't need them right?
I guess not as I couldn't find any spot for a water temperature gauge.

loctite 567

Luckily I had the 3/8-16 npt tap to rig up the sending unit,
along with some of the best thread sealant ever made.
LOCTITE 567 will seal any thread leak.
Good stuff.

1970's chevrolet 6 cylinder

While I was looking for holes in the engine,
I noticed something really weird.
Can you see it?
Tough to see in this picture,
but the intake and head are cast as one unit!
Such a strange design.
There is a cool stock dual exhaust manifold at least.

1950 chevy almost taildragger

Next up is some brake work and hopefully mufflers.
I think it will love Norway!