01 April 2012

hemi crate

Three months later and I finally got my a$$ in gear to get Sepp's hemi boxed up.

perich brothers (and sister): let's take a road

I almost forgot it was in the corner of the shop.

Jaxon and the Hemi

Last weekend Jaxon and I got it off the cheesy engine stand,
and placed it on the perfect pallet.
Definitely sketchy!

Hemi and the Pallet

This thing is going to New York first,
than Sepp is shipping it out to Austria.

Since the engine weighs 1000 lbs,
and is a little top heavy,
especially with the wobbly oil pan base,
I decided to crate it with steel rather than wood.

Hemi in a box

Each day after work the box grew a little bit more.


This was 40 feet of angle iron,
20 feet of flatbar,
and a bunch of steel scrap left over from old projects.
I welded even more brackets and gussets after this picture.
It can basically roll over and the engine shouldn't be injured.


After a week it was finally time to cover it with wood.
I was dreading drilling a bunch of 1/4" holes for 1/4-20 bolts,
so gambled with some #10 self tapping screws.

On the box they suggest up to 8 gauge sheetmetal,
but these tapped themselves right in to the 3/16" angle iron.
Only took 2 batteries with the mini impact driver.

self tapping screws

The wood really accentuated the fact the box wasn't squared.

Yeah this was a hack job,
I knew it wasn't square while welding it up.
It's just a 1100 pound box right?!

heavy package

There's still some finishing up to do,
but I'm relieved that the majority is done.
Hopefully it'll be on it's way soon!


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