03 November 2011


One thing cool about driving Chief around
 is meeting people you don't meet when driving a big e350 van,
or the lincoln.

This dude "spinner" rode by the shop the other day with his homebuilt suzuki.

spinner's hardtail

The thing is crazy.
He basically built everything from scratch,
other than the obvious donor bike parts.

custom rigid suzuki

His main idea before the build was to have the frame tube over the gas tank.
1000 work hours later he had a running bike.

Since this was his first motorcycle,
I can appreciate his perseverance,
and not following any typical or traditional way of building.
It looks small but there's a ton of work and "out there"  thinking.

almost daily drivers

The best part is he drives the chit out of it.
This is his main form of transportation in SD,
which includes two good 12 mile freeway rides to work everyday,
on a rigid frame!
Yeah there's some scrapes on those framerails and pegs too.


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