17 April 2012

roll away

There's only one guy other than me
that would be interested in this picture,
and he's stuck out in Afghanistan.

Ken's old tool box

For years I trained myself to work out of little toolboxes.
Than about 2 years ago I ended up with 2 rollaways.
Small by some standards but not to me.

papa's old tool box

This old green tool box has been my house garage set.
When open it takes up half the work bench,
and is basically a jumble of random tools.

While working on that 50 chevy with Hans,
it really made me realize how unorganized the garage was for work.

kennedy box

I had tried to make a complete set of tools in this old Kennedy box.
It did work,
but it stayed right here on the floor,
not too convenient.

traveling tool box

Now I'm relegating the Kennedy as the traveling tool box.
The one for road trips or off-site work.
Hopefully I can separate enough tools to make it complete.

metric tool box

This was my tool box used when I tore up the Lincoln.
I rarely use metric tools.

roll away

Ken's old box is perfect for the garage.
The top part now has its own set of basic tools,
and the bottom part can hold the little boxes of specialty tools.


Grateful Dead - 28 september 1975 - franklin's tower (soundboard)

Grateful Dead - 28 september 1975 - franklin's tower (audience)


This is one of those shows that sounds more complete as an audience tape.
The bass thumps on the crispy soundboard version,
but the audience version has the perfect amount of partiness to make it a fun sounding show.

Grateful Dead Live at Lindley Meadows - Golden Gate Park on 1975-09-28 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

When you get the time,
take a good listen to this show.
A kid was born during the concert!
(end of song 2 to 6 you can hear the commotion)


explosive ordnance disposal

gonna give a big thanks to Ken,
fighting the big fight way out in the boonies for us.
The Hurtlocker Truck is waiting!



  1. I was hoping you were also going to add the oldest tool box, the wood one

  2. You know Jesse,
    That old box is only for my 94/97 carb parts.
    I'll do a post about it though,
    it's a cool box!
    Thanks for reading!