18 April 2012

mega modelmania

One thing about the kids,
when they get in to something they go all out.


Over their spring break
(ok a bit before and after)
 they went nuts.
Thanks to some rainy weather and us not going anywhere!

The boys get a little competitive when building these things.
So let's do a side by side.

jaxon's 56 chevy nomad vs jakob's 57 chevy nomad

They started with the chevy wagons.
Jake decided to go pink for his mom.

jake's 57 chevy nomad

Jaxon went with a metallic blue.
He tried a two tone but it didn't quite work out.

jax's 56 chevy nomad

Next up were some open tops.

Jaxon's 55 chevy vs Jakob's 32 ford

They really stepped up there finish work with these models.
I was amazed at their attention to detail.

55 chevy belair vs 32 ford roadster

I showed jaxon how to use the masking tape,
and he actually did it on his own.

plush interior

Check out the leather interiors!


Like I said in the past modelmania posts,
these models come in white and chrome.
The kids do all their own painting now,
spray and brush.
They even mix their own paints to get better colors.

Jaxon sprayin

No good pics of how they take over the dining room table.
Each model is a 2 day job.
The house smells of paint and glue.


The veered away from each other for the next models.
Jake chose a chopper and Jax chose an old truck.

jaxon's  '41 chevy pickup vs jakob's chopper

The chopper turned out way better than the box pictures suggested.
Guess Jake has good taste!
I like the leather seat.

Check out how Jaxon painted the insides of the grill black.
I stay out of their building,
so these guys come up with this stuff on their own.

For the last set of models,
they again went in a different direction.

jaxon's 32 coupe vs jakobs peterbilt tractor

These were done over the weekend,
again thanks to the rain.

engine bays

The best part is they don't copy the style and colors on the box.
They have an idea of what they want and see it through.

The Perich Brothers
Jaxon and Jakob

It's so cool to see them actually finish these models.
And they still want to do more.
Now if they can learn to cut and weld!


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