02 April 2012

prejudice bank

Yesterday we scored this old Sparklett's 5 gallon water bottle.
I had one a long time ago,
but I think my brother swiped it.

sparklett's 5 gallon
glass water bottle

It even came with the cool wooden crate that's protected it
over 50 years.
(The bottom has CALIF on it so older than 1959)

crate & bottle

Usually these are priced out of my pocket,
but this one was an inside deal that I couldn't pass up.

50 year glass and wood marriage

Why would I want this?
The goal is to use it as a bank.
Tougher to fish the quarters out of it.


It's a prejudice bank,
no brown coins, only silver,
and $2 bills.

perich brothers & sister

Let's see how long it takes to fill it up!


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