19 April 2012

chief gets a bath

Last year I freaked out a little bit
when  the fog started attacking the new nickel plating on the old RPU.

1929 ford roadster pickup

To protect it I smeared grease over everything shiny.
It seemed to work.
The side effect was the "tar and feather" look,
attracting dust and dirt.
1929 ford roadster pickup

The old truck deserved a bath,
so out came a diesel soaked rag.
1929 ford roadster pickup with hallock windshield

The grease did the job protecting the plating.
The idea was to do a quick wipe down of just the shiny nickel,
but I couldn't hold back,
wiping the whole car down with diesel.
Half an hour later...


grateful dead - me and my uncle - 12-30 77
(tried to wash off some of that dust and dirt)


It reminded me of the old days when the finish was seasoned rust and primer.
After every oil change,
I'd wipe the RPU down with the dirty oil,
letting it soak into the paint and rust.
Waste not...
6-volt brights

Later that night we both had the urge to burn some gas.
Way too short!
The new rear end configuration cut the chatter down big time.
Chief just wants to go.
This summer I gotta get more freeway miles in!