28 April 2012

oval window

This guy dropped by yesterday driving this cool vw bug.
Yeah I said vw bug.
My first cars were volkswagens,
starting with a '67 bug which bumped up my driving points,
I ended up getting hooked on bay window buses, '71 in particular.
The book "how to keep your vw alive" by John Muir,
helped actually understand that cars were more than just metal.

1956 vw oval window bug

Anyway I still have an appreciation for them.
This guy dropped by yesterday with a really cool little bug.
A 1956 oval window.
On the outside it looks thrashed,
but the sheetmetal is fairly straight and there's a nice 1600 DP in it.

1956 vw beetle

Maybe you see something really cool about this little sleeper.
There's some hard to find 356 porsche brakes on it.

porsche brakes

Those 356 guys cover up those aluminum drums with hubcaps,
but they look way better out in the open like that.

Anyway I thought it was a bitchin little car.


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