15 April 2012

Haus of Hot Rod

Who would think that nestled in this East European hamlet
lies one of the fastest growing hot rod collections.

Sepp is the guy who bought that blown hemi that I packed up a while back.
In our email correspondence,
he's currently building this crazy machine.

mad scientist Sepp

It doesn't look crazy from this shot.
Not much new about a bobber truck right?
Other than it's probably the only one in the Austrian highlands.

austrian bobber truck

Sepp always has something wacky up his sleeve.
Like this thing.

airplane engine w/tranny adapter

I have no idea what type of airplane engine it is.
Check out that insane aluminum transmission adapter!
Gear drive or chain drive I don't know.

airplane engine w/tranny adapter

Looks like it's a perfect fit!
Gonna need some wild exhaust work,
oh yeah maybe a frame would help too.
Won't get too many miles out of those two tanks!

tight fit

If you take a good look at the background,
it looks like this contraption is being built outside his house.

bobber truck with airplane engine

he built the walls of his garage to resemble an American house,
or on the other side an old saloon.


His websites a little tricky to navigate.

Sepps Garage

If you have 20 minutes to kill,
than check out this video he took.
The scary thing is this was taken about 2 years ago,
when his collection was in its infancy.

I need to visit his place!


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