17 April 2012

how to punish your kids

Many years ago the wife and I figured out that raising kids tested our patience.
Most reading this blog were from the time when spanking was the rule.
Good old corporal punishment.
Our family nemesis was the wooden spoon.

Corporal punishment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

After looking up that link above,
I just found out that spanking or whipping is legal in the US!
Nowadays it just seems wrong though,
not to say that our kids haven't had a small share of our hands on their butts.

The problem,
is where do you go from there?
You start hitting your kid at 5,
by 10 you got to get out the belt or stick,
than by 13 beatings are bordering on abuse.
The kids just learn to take it and hate you!
perich situps - 2011

Another problem is the kids will turn into flinchers.
Not a cool thing with kids or dogs.

Well back in Ventura we started a new form of punishment.
Push-ups and Sit-ups.
I'm not sure how it started,
at the time exercising was a bit more important to me,
so the kids would copy my repetitions for fun.
Than I guess it evolved as the yelling, threatening and spanking progressed.
perich pushups - 2011

We started this when  Jaxon and Jakob were 4 & 5,
so Macey has been subject to it all her life.
perich pushups 2012

A late morning for me today meant getting the kids ready for school.
The typical teasing ensued,
and I realized it's been at least 6 years since we started this punishment.
A perfect subject for a blog post!

The boys do "10/20's"- 10 pushups and 20 situps.
If they back talk it raises to "15/30's" and so on.
At 5 years,
 Macey's only at 5/10 - she's going to be one tough cookie!

They whip them out so fast.
I try to slow them down so they have good form.
There will be long days when they easily break 100.
At 10 and 11 years old,
the boys have 6-packs and cut little bodies!
A great side effect.
perich situps 2012

The good thing is it's not a severe form of punishment.
It let's them exert their bad energy,
and the mini-workout usually refocuses them into a better mood.
More importantly,
there is some time for us to take a breather,
instead of getting worked up or feeling guilty giving a beating.

The best part is this is probably 90% of our reprimands.
Grounding is kinda rare cause we don't have TV and the kids rarely play video games.
Sometimes they'll run laps around the block.
We do alot of threatening though,
washing the mouth out with soap or hot saucing,
but have never had the balls to do it!
situps & pushups as kid punishment

Oh yeah,
the kids have given me 10/20's for swearing etc. as well!


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