25 April 2012


The perfect opportunity for a simple bike ride came up last month
when I picked up that 50 chevy for Hans.

breezer thunder at the beach

Sucks to need an excuse lately to get off my beaten path from house to shop etc.
The car was about 8 miles away through the beach town of Mission Beach.
This was my stomping ground as a kid.
Also the stomping ground of the old breezer thunder I got a while back.

mission beach boardwalk

This place gets packed in the summer.
So much it can be impossible to ride a bike.
Tourists and partiers come from around the world to hang out here.

breezer on the boardwalk

Even though it was a rushed ride down the boardwalk,
it was a needed time to get out and enjoy the area I live in.
Definitely need to get out more.


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