27 April 2012

floored part 1

You remember the rusty 40 coupe project?
Yeah it's been a while.
A month and a half ago I had made a rule
 to finish the sheetmetal welding before adding more.
perich brothers (and sister): 2 down 27 to go

It was a sure way to get into a builders slump.
Now that I'm down to the last couple feet,
it was time to start adding some acreage.


Time ticked away as I tried to figure out where to start.
The missing subrail seemed a good a place as any.


Now there was a frame for the sheetmetal.
I had this great idea to make forms out of scrap wood.

wooden forms

But it was too soft to make a good line.
Than I remembered the bead roller I've never used.

Jack's Machine & Welding Bead Roller

Twenty years ago my Dad bought this at the Big 3 swap,
and quickly lost interest.
Its been dragged around unused til now.
Making a base for the hammer stand made it much easier to use.

first bead project

Instead of practicing on a bunch of scrap,
I had to try a relatively big sheet.
Holey Chit this wasn't as easy as I'd hoped,
especially with the hand crank.
The piece couldn't be wasted so I tacked it into a framework.
Thus the start of the floor had truly begun.


Next came the driveshaft tunnel.
The roller works wonders making circular bends,
but not much making U's.


Some scrap pallet wood helped flatten out the C into a U.


There was a point where I thought this piece was lost.
Thankfully it turned out okay.
driveshaft tunnel

Now there was a framed gap to be filled.


Of course the pieces aren't simple squares or rectangles.
I definitely have an appreciation for guys that like to do this part.
Hopefully it will look semi decent when I'm done.
I'll be happy to coat it with that epoxy goop,
and cover it with some sound deadener and carpet.

Let's pretend this was all in a day,
even though it's taken a couple hours a day over the week!
Part 2 coming soon.



  1. Nice work Mc Muffin. I just got a cheepy bead roller too. need to reinforce it.

  2. Thanks McLovin!
    I need to figure out stick a motor on it.