23 April 2012

Hey, can you fix my brakes?

For the past 21 years this painting has been dragged around
from shop to shop to garage.

a chip tracht original

I'm not a big time art collector,
but with the help of watching Mad Men,
I realized it's like having a Rothko painting.
Not really a picture of anything in particular.


the friend who painted it - CT,
never made it huge as an artist,
but you never know.

The other day,
he needed some help with his brakes on his 2006 chevy Silverado.
Or so he thought.
The brakes were fine.


So what else are you gonna do.
let's pull apart the interior!

Although we both have serious addictions to music and stereo equipment at home,
we both have shitty original stereos in our cars.
At least he has a CD player in his.

We never found out why his front speakers don't work!


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