03 April 2012

cruel April fool's joke

My wife came home this weekend to find this thing sitting in front of the house.

1950 chevrolet sedan

The kids and I had been galavanting around,
and they really wanted to play an April Fool's joke on her.

1950 chevy sedan

We made a plan to say that I traded the orange Chocolate & Cheese 27 roadster
for it.
(Funny that they would be in almost the same price bracket)

1950 chevy sedan

I knew while walking up the walkway this would be a bad idea.
Years ago,
we had a really cool 1964 nova 4 door.
It was a solid looking car,
but had a 350/350 and was ridiculous on gas,
like 6 - 12 mpg.
I would have liked it better with the little 170 six in it.

After a year or so of working all the tweaker engineering out of it
from the previous owner,
I ended up selling it.
My wife wasn't too thrilled.
She didn't understand it was a jinxed car,
definitely some bad juju.

1964 chevy nova 4-door

The kids started the joke,
but I couldn't follow through.
She would love this car.

nice interior

So why do I have it?
Well the internet has made the world a small place.
I found a post on the HAMB that a guy needed help with a car.
Of course he's in Norway!
There weren't many replies so I piped in,
and a couple emails later,
here it is.

newer chevy six 250?

Hans is expecting to drive this thing to Texas next week,
so the plan is to get it dialed in for him.
There's a bunch of hokey chit.
If you look closely on the left of the engine shot,
there's a loose cable coming from the tranny.
On an AOD this would kill it!

bottoming out

The worst part is the front suspension.
One of the owners cut the coils to get it low,
and now it basically rides on the frame.
It looks cool but is crazy to drive.
Lotsa bounce.

over cut coils

Hopefully the springs will get here on time.
I hope they are easy to swap!
You guys will know.


What the heck!
I just ran out of picture space.
And all this time I thought it was free.
Oh well there was only one more shot.
Okay google you got my $5.



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