28 April 2012

holey chit...

Went to the dentista again.
Yes I've been cramming my dental woes down your virtual throats I know.

double root canal fitting post

It seems like this chit is dragging on indefinitely!

So the reason why this has been such as hassle,
is it's not a simple one tooth problem.
Basically what happened started years ago before my wisdom teeth were pulled.
The teeth were pushed forward,
and somehow these 2 teeth pushed into each other like the Himalayas.
One actually was crushed by the other one.
This was like 15 years ago.

more grinding to fit post(s)

Fortunately the TJ dentista knows what to do to save the teeth.

Even with dental insurance my cost was thousands of dollars,
I think the estimate was about $4800!
Our TJ dentista will be under $800,
unless I go for the gold!
That's good enough reason to do all these trips.

In these pictures,
she's fitting the 2 posts that I need.
So much grinding.