06 January 2012

let's take a road trip

My brother, Trevor, and I are similar,
 in that we need a deadline to get our asses in gear.
Unknownst to each other,
we both had to go up north to pick up some junk.
The night before he mentioned if I wanted to go for a joy ride,
and I said sure if we could take a 2 hour detour to the high desert.

keith black hemi block
cubic dollars

On the way up we were imagining the transmission acting up,
cause his dog Captain had chewed off the overdrive button.
Fortunately his transmission shop was on the way up.

aluminum block repair

The guy had this Keith Black hemi block at his shop.
It had some major surgery done to it.


This thing must have had one heck of failure.
If you look closely,
there are 4 patches on each side.

more repair

On top of that the cylinder walls, or sleeve holders,
had all been cracked.
It's interesting to see how people spend their money!

1949 buick

This old beater was in the background.
Gotta love post war American steel.

On the way up,
my brother had to make a stop at the "Bass Pro Shops - Outdoor World"

Long time readers will know my brother has a hunting addiction,
which rivals my stereo/speaker addiction.

perich brothers (and sister): steal your face right off your head

However this is like comparing watermelons to grapes,
actually more like watermelons to an old partial box of raisins.

stuffed bobcat diorama

As you can see from the parking lot picture,
this place was packed.
And not with beater hick trucks like you would expect at a hunting store.

inside outdoor world

Inside the place was part hunting lodge, part natural history museum,
and part max out your credit card.
I had no idea the paraphernalia needed for serious hunting.
Cammo, no-scent soap, animal calls, animal shaped targets, smokers,
this place had everything.

There was even a creek stocked with trout,
and every mount (stuffed animal) you could imagine,
bears, elk, deer, bobcats, lions, pigs, turkey, fish, sheep...
in a lifelike diorama.
It was crazy,
I had no idea this existed.

So finally back on the road,
we moseyed up to the high desert town of Apple Valley,
alot farther than it looks on the map.


Let's do a backstory here.
Remember Sepp,
the guy from Austria that came out to pick up hot rod stuff?

perich brothers (and sister): east european invasion

I had received an email a while back...

i would need your help.!!!
i bought an engine a couple weeks ago in APPLE VALLEY.
the guy there wants me to pickup the engine.he doesnt wanna make a crate .
the engine is on a palet but  only straped down with these little staps...

THX Sepp!

Of course I couldn't say no,
he gave me our bitchin' ford van so what's a 300 mile drive right!

as i told you he has no engine/folk lift.the engine is on a pallet with rolls?
thx for your great help.

Another email further clarified the situation,
no cherry picker.
No problem, I've got the trusty A-frame.

blown 392 hemi

So I'm expecting a crusty junkyard engine,
and my jaw dropped when I saw this blown hemi.
It didn't drop cause the engine is so badass,
my eyes bugged out cause of that.
My jaw dropped cause I was imagining my pipe A-frame
 not lifting it high enough to the truck bed.

good ole A-frame

After removing the scoop and carburetors,
we had about an inch to spare.
I thought we were going to have to let the air out of the tires.

down the grade

The Apple Valley area has some really cool rocky mountain structures,
and I'm bummed that none of the shots turned out.
This is a boring shot coming down the 5.

1957 ford gasser

On the way to Trevors pickup point we saw this old gasser on a car hauler.
Check out those trailing arms!

Finally we arrived at Chabott Engineering,
who had graciously picked up a 600lb transformer,
and carted it around the back of their van for a couple weeks!
Thanks guys!

The Ford's play
Requiem for a Dream

None of us had any idea how heavy it was until after it was loaded in the truck.

shinya kimura @ chabott engineering: in the virtual world, it always look lighter and smaller, no bigger than your computer monitor...

It's funny cause you get 3 "not that big" guys,
that end up moving the heaviest stuff.

Chabott Engineering

The last time we had seen this bike in person it was a totally stock Harley!
It's been to fun to watch its progress on their blog.

Their neighbor Mike at Schraders (speed?)
had one of the coolest tool carts I've seen.

bitchin' tool cart

On the way out we stopped at the gas station to get some snacks,
and wow - pushbutton Horchata!

Pushbutton Horchata!

Just enough for the long ride home.

I was amazed how much we saw on a 10 hour road trip.

Good thing I brought my brother,
who would have snapped the pictures?


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