01 May 2012

floored part III

Still chipping away at the floors for the 40.

battery box

Yesterday I was able to mount the battery box.
I'll build some kind of lid later on.
Seeing the battery in there is so trippy,
like it's actually going to be a running car!


After all these months it is weird to see the frame all covered up.
There's still some tough spots to fill back there around the wheels.

Tonight I started on the forward floor section.
Easy side first.
Let's do a "how to make a floor panel."
step 1 - hole

First make a hole to fill,
Fred Flintstone style.

step 2 - template

Second is the template.
If you can't make it out of cardboard/wood etc.,
you probably won't be able to make it out of metal.
Notice the tape on the top, 
good to fill the gaps of bad cuts.

step 3 - fit

Next comes the trimming of the fresh sheet of steel.
This is where the template pays off big time.
Some lines were made for the bead rolling.

step 4/5 - bead roll & tack

Now the piece can be tacked in place.
Most likely this will be stitch welded,
than painted with the epoxy,
than some seam sealer in the non-welded gaps.
It's a cheesy production way of doing it.
passenger side

The drivers side is a different story.
The floor pedals make a permanent floor a hassle.
Also the master cylinder will need some kind of hatch.
The template is almost exactly the same at least.
I just need to figure out how to make a removable panel.

At this rate it should be done before the 2012 end of the world at least!


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