31 May 2013

red dot II update

The other day receive an email from the Red Dot II's new owner,
way overseas in the UK!
red dot II - UK era
1929 ford roadster with hallock windshield

Many hands and many changes after our time,
but it looks like definitely gone to greener pastures.

The roadster had changed hands and appearances manytimes after leaving us.
red dot II
1928 1929 ford roadster with hallock windshield

In it's brief heyday with us it took on this form.
A great driving hot rod that had the potential to blow out eardrums.
Red Dot II Roadster

When Jalopy Joe got his hands on it,
the transformation was quick and obvious.
Some things I liked,
he nickel plated some stuff,
and did his trademark burgundy upholstery...
and others not so much,
the wild use of bondo and blue + red paint,
and ditching all the hard to find gauges and moon tank...
As long as he was happy all I could do was bite my lip.
red dot II - jalopy joe era

Before he died the roadster was passed on to a guy in Arizona.
An acquaintance out there put some time refinishing some things,
and it turned into this.
red dot II - arizona style

What happened to the track nose and hood!
Fortunately he had kept it just in case.
Dig the louvered hood.
Also cool they kept some of the little things like pushbars and headlight stands.
red dot II - blue era

After Peter's email,
I searched around,
and found out that the Red Dot was for sale earlier in the year.

1929 Ford AV8 - THE H.A.M.B.

Cool video,
but hope he knew the roadster was way faster than that!
red dot II - doggy style

It does look good with a 32 grille shell.
The old tracknose pieces are getting shipped out too.

Anyway it was good to see and hear the old hot rod.
I'd love to do donuts in that lawn!


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