13 May 2013

long evolution of a little fender repair

I've got a knack for procrastination,
and there are a couple projects that have been lingering way too long.
1929 ford roadster fender

This was #3 on my STD (chit to do) list,
and this weekend some time was sidelined to get it done.

I've got to get pictures of the '29 roadster this goes too.
My Uncle Steve and my Dad have a competition,
to see whose car project can take the longest.
I've done my best to help my uncle win,
as this fender has been kicked around for what seems like 2 years now!
I'm hoping it hasn't been that long!
old fix

I'm always wary of cars with shiny perfect paint.
Usually it's someone else's attempt at hiding metal flaws.
I could tell that this wasn't a simple crack weld,
and that's probably why I didn't rush into it long ago.
gas weld mess

This definitely had been worked on before,
there was a good skim coat hiding some old hammer job.
Nasty gas weld repairs are hard to just reweld and grind smooth.

patch panel

So what the heck cut it all out.
Just enough of a double curve to make it challenging.
clamp party

Had to use normal clamps for this one.
There was actually 2 more clamps used during welding!

A couple tacks and some hammering...
almost metal finished

I tried to do this one right and do the welding nice and slow.
That is one of the hardest parts for me,
to not rush through it.
Keeping the metal from warping was one reason,
keeping the metal cool enough to not ruin the skim coat was another.
epoxy primer

The old weld was smoothed out but not too perfect.
There needed to be some filler to raise the old metal to the paint line.
Some of that thick filler epoxy was brushed on...

And some Evercoat to even everything out.
Amazing how large a patch gets.
After that some temporary rattlecan primer sealed everything up,
easy to sand off if this ever gets a shiny paint job.
outta here

He must really not want to win the competition,
cause this was picked up before the paint dried!
One less thing kicking around the yard.

We'll still have to drill the fender mount hole,
but it will be easier to line up with the body.
Hopefully next week I'll get a picture of this project,
it's a good one.

Thanks Uncle Steve for you patience!


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