29 May 2013


Had the best intentions to finish up the welding on the rusty 40,
but something got in the way.
There was just enough wind to not get an easy start.
1940 ford coupe projects

So while waiting to let the wind die down,
I tinkered with the new points distributor for the green 40.
289/302 SBF points distributor

Next thing ya know all the fancy new wiring was ripped out,
and the old breaker points distributor was wired up.

All that time dickin with that electronic ignition mumbo jumbo,
and yep I ended up going back to simple points.
It was frustrating trying to troubleshoot that HEI module,
and I had ran into a brick wall with it.
That's why it had been dormant for over a month.
idiot light

It is so much easier being able to know there's spark just by using a light bulb.
Fortunately I had all the parts needed for the swap - coil, ballast resistor etc.
Other than timing it 180 degrees out and getting some good flames at first,
the engine started right up.
Yep it started!
Made me wonder what got me going that secret HEI route.
I'll re-examine that after the car is on the road.

With no water or radiator hooked up the engine only ran for a short while.
(I took a slow picture but the alternator was charging over 13 volts.)
Definitely a mellow stock engine,
just enough growl with nothing but headers.
May go straight pipes on this one.
holley fuel regulator

One of the other issues I was having
was some serious fuel shooting out the top of the carburetor.
I had swapped to another carburetor, (thanks dynodanny!)
but it most likely is a pressure issue.
Basically the engine could only run off the float gas,
no pump on,
so I've got to figure out where to install this pressure regulator.

I guess that's how it is.
One 40 sees the other getting all the attention,
and now they're fighting over who gets the time!


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