29 May 2013

third base

Some of you are going to wonder why I posted the same picture over and over.
Others will understand why.

Remember over a year ago when there was 25 feet of welding left?
Now it's down to the last 5 or so feet,
and over the long weekend the time had come.

All these tacked seams and random holes were taunting me.
Like that one right above the edge of the decklid.
not as bumpy

Both rear corners were also still unfinished,
and I'm not sure what the hold up had been,
other than it was definitely mental.
The seams were all rough fitted way back before there was even a frame,
and I considered recutting some of the parts with a heavy step or lip.
Instead a test seam was hammer-welded and it cleaned up well.

This was basically TIG+hammer-welded,
and after every cm of weld I had to reach around with the dolly and hammer.
There was definitely a rhythm going and it felt good to watch it smooth out.
It was strange almost like no thinking involved just doing,
like going for a long bike ride.

I've got to mention one thing though...
A couple months ago I had burnt out the stereo welding with the dynasty.
It made me really paranoid and I'd turn off the music whenever the welder was on.
Well now that the welder was pulled to the end of the garage,
the replacement tunes were tested with no issue.
So much better having a little background music.
It should be fine as long as it's playing the ipod or CD and not the radio.

After that I had to fix that huge door gap.
Now you can scroll up and down and see the difference easier,
right above the door there.
This is one of the mistakes only the 36 readers will know about.
The door top flares wider as it goes front to back.
It looks like the tops of both window frames make a matching arc,
so the only solution would have been to chop the front of the door a little more.
Next time.
The last stretch of welding on this side is the length of the lower patch panels.
But that will have to wait.
welding in style

Late today I was able to tackle the other side,
with the help of this fancy wind break.
japanese wind break

These panels are crazy it's like some molded clay.
I'll get some better pictures later on.

If you look closely it's obvious how stepped the fit was on the left side too.

This was the corner that had been rocked before the chop,
You can see the row of old dents above the cut line.
smooth and rusty

Now the inside is almost as smooth as the outside,
not quite metal finished but really close.
What was I thinking starting this project?
Such a rusty hulk!
chopped channeled and sectioned 1940 ford coupe

After a couple hours annoying the neighbors with all the grinding and pounding,
I sat on the stool and it was so cool to not see the unwelded imperfections,
and fat gaps that had been bothering me all these months.

A couple more hours on the rear,
and then we'll flip it around and tackle the hood...


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