06 May 2013


You longtime readers will know
that this blog is peppered with both my high's and low's,
mistakes and successes.
Since I like to type,
and it takes me a while to collect pictures,
these episodes are usually blended into a positive result.
At least one of us can use it as a learning experience.
delta-rockwell 28-300 wood metal band saw

Well here is one of those times!
I had this cool metal band saw for about a million years.
It was only used sporadically over those years.
This was one of those freebie deals,
which means an incomplete project.
My Grandfather (Papa) took a liking to it,
and rigged up the missing pieces.
The result was a working saw,
with a couple character flaws.
delta rockwell 28-300 wood metal band saw

Besides this strange grinding sound that would never go away,
the clutch button would always pop out at the worst moment.
After going through a couple blades,
the old saw was used more as a clamping and tig welding table.
With the move from Ventura to San Diego,
the saw was stashed in a corner for almost 5 years unused.
virgo metal band saw

As a result of the old shop move,
a bunch of my junk was thrown in a storage unit.
The time had come to start downsizing,
and in a momentary lapse of judgement,
I basically ended up letting the old saw go down the road.

The bummer is I was totally fine with the choice,
until later that night when I woke up in a cold sweat.
There's a psychosis involved in being a hoarder,
and one of the reasons why people keep unused things.
It is to keep the memories associated with that thing.
Letting go of stuff
also means letting go of what triggers these memories.
perich brothers and sisters with Nana
papa's 6 year mark - 20 april 2007

In all the years of dragging around that marginally useable saw,
the one thing that I loved about it
was the memory of putting it back together with my grandfather.
Dang it!
Who else could think of an old saw like that!
I think this was compounded as it was near his 6 year mark.

Okay enough of psych 101!
The reasoning behind giving up the saw,
was modifying my swap meet special portable band saw,
into something that I could actually use.
This seemed like a great way to double use a tool,
and save some precious garage space.

A quick template was cut out,
and the perfect chunk of scrap donated itself to the cause.
milwaukee 6230 portable band saw

One of the reasons for not using the upright saw,
was the access to a horizontal band saw,
which was really handy for cutting pieces over 14" long.
All these years I rarely cut long strips,
mainly cause the rockwell 28-300's guides wouldn't hold the blade straight.
vertically modified portable band saw

In no time the handy portable band saw
was transformed into a vertical band saw.
Well not yet really only the first part,
as I need a better base and maybe a foot trigger.

A couple test cuts,
and wow the little saw cut great,
and way straighter than the old rockwell.
Within a week the saw cut more than the other saw did in 6 years.
The only drawback is it can only cut something 4+ inches deep.

So yeah maybe I did lose a specific memory,
the memories of fighting that old saw to do a simple cut!


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