28 May 2013

ten years

This weekend was a major anniversary for the old roadster pickup.
A little over ten years ago Chief had taken it's first breath as a hot rod,
after a 2 year transformation.
The first car show was Paso Robles 2003,
a great drive worthy of it's own future post.
chief at jack murphy stadium

We haven't been to the show now that it's moved to Santa Maria,
but for the past week I thought it would be a fun 10 year anniversary.
After a half-hearted try it was easier to not go,
but enough was done over the long weekend to make up for whatever was missed.
SD auto swap 2013

Jaxon and I did rally out to a little car swap/show held at the stadium,
making sure we were late enough to miss any of the good stuff.
paradise road & perich brothers
junichi shimodaira & travis perich

While strolling through the swap,
we met up with one of the regulars of the old Paso days,
JS from Paradise Road from Japan.
It was one of those moments when you see someone,
and you know who they are but need a double take,
as they aren't supposed to be there.

If you've watched that second "good ole days" video on the left,
you'll see both of us in a similar picture from 2007.
Fun to talk too and cool to see someone I'd miss up in Paso Maria.
SBF points distributor

The swap stalls were picked over and that was fine with me.
The only thing I was looking for was a basic ford points distributor.
I was surprised there were none around...
Until the 3rd to last stall in the last row we checked.
There sat the $20 jewel,
complete even with spark plug wires.
This dizzy may be the piece needed to snap me back into the green 40 project.
1936 ford 5-window coupe

After slogging through the swap area,
We did a quick pass through the car show.
All I had to see was this bitchin '36 ford coupe.
It was simply perfect.
An aged blue repaint with enough scars to know this was the real deal.
I loved it,
okay let's at least say I really liked it .
1936 ford 5-window coupe

On the way out we saw Paradise Road again,
and got a quick snapshot...
chief, paradise road & perich brothers

We headed back with a good 8 mile run on the freeway.
Not anywhere near the 800 mile round trip to Santa Maria,
but enough to get the flathead warmed up.
Me and Jaxon

On the way back Jaxon found out why most hot rodders have shorter hair.
He's on the verge of cutting it he said after school let's out!

Good times...


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