02 May 2013

2 scorpions and a bull

Over the weekend Jakob had scored a cheap skateboard blank.
You know those Sundays when you wake up early,
and by 3pm you've taken a quick cat nap?
Well that's what happened here,
and when I woke up,
Jakob had covered the floor in little pieces of cut out paper.
scorpion stencil

I've got to hand it to him,
he's not afraid to take an idea and tackle it.
This is when we are happy that we cut our cable TV.
All the kids are really hands-on with all their projects.
Jakob's spray job

There was just enough time get the paint out,
and he rattle canned a sweet fade job.
Jakob Perich
rattle can scorpion

What am I saying.
If there is time for the paint to dry,
than there is time to throw on some trucks and test it out!
Jakob & Macey Perich
double scorpios

Not sure if I mentioned that Macey's now on 2 wheels!
I've got an incomplete post with some videos somewhere on here.
We're lucky that there is an alley behind our place,
but it's not quite flat there's a light slope.
This made it a bit difficult to learn and teach,
as she'd go too fast downhill and struggle uphill.
No matter,
she's now zipping around,
and next thing we know she'll be driving!
Jaxon's modelmania

This was going to be a quick post about that scorpion stencil,
but now it's turned into a "what my kids did over the weekend"!
So I better finish up and show off Jaxon's models...
1932 chopped ford coupe & 1937 ford pickup

These model projects are tricky,
as they take a ton of patience,
and then when finished are so fragile they aren't really toys.
I figured after restoring a bicycle that he could actually ride and enjoy,
Jaxon would question whether or not it was worth building models.
Amazingly enough he finished 2 of them over the weekend!
(These were started a while back - coupe body chopped early this year)

Anyway there's a little slice of excitement for ya!


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