23 May 2013


Over the past couple months,
a brief acquaintance had planted a seed,
which like a non-native weed had finally taken root.
I realized that there are many people that have great ideas,
in time few people that actually see them through,
or are even able to see them through.
Out of convenience some have others get their hands dirty,
but you know that's not the case with me!
chief's hallock style windshield

It has taken a while to clear out some backlogged projects,
making space for ...let's say investments in the future.

First off is whipping out a few hallock style windshields.
These look easy but are very time consuming.
I had templates from the Red Dot II,
and have Chief's windshield to go by,
but all it has done is made more clear the mistakes I had made.
The final designs are still in the fermenting stage,
as there are some details to smooth out.
It has surprised me how much thought is involved.
The goal is to make at least 3 in the next month or two.
You'll see why.

With the windshields turning into prototype development,
I decided to practice a production line on a grander scale.
bat wings

The converted band saw was put to the test.
The 24 tpi blade whipped out the aluminum pieces.
more bat wings

I was hesitant to cut the stainless steel plate,
as I thought the blade would get wasted quickly.
Not so.
modified portable band saw

All these pieces cut and the blade is still sharp.
The variable foot pedal is the ticket.
I've got no regrets selling the bigger machine now!

This evening was hammer time.
It took a while to get a good rhythm,
Situating the anvils, hammers and blocks was the trick.
hammer time

About mid-way I figured out the pounding order.
Once I got the system down,
each piece took about 300 hammer smacks. (x30!)
The earlier ones took way more.
The last 6 or so were so fast,
I wished there was another pile to do!

Stick around and you'll see what they are...


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